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the detroit wallpaper co collage

The Detroit Wallpaper Co.

Ripping out wallpaper is a nasty job. When we moved in our Mid-Century rancher we thought we could tackle tearing out the wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms. We did begin the job. Before we knew it we were 20+ hours in, cursing with a steamer in one hand and a putty knife in the other. We hired it out. Earlier this year we had someone strip the wallpaper in our up-north vacation condo. Which is why I’m shocked that I’m beginning to appreciate wallpaper again. Somebody knock me on the head with a steamer. Quick.

I’ve been reading about The Detroit Wallpaper Co., a startup that prints custom wallpaper on demand. If you’re not from Detroit, you many not be aware of the creative and entrepreneurial thing going on here. But, there are lots of new, exciting things happening and this one in particular has great style!

Heather Gray Music WallpaperI especially like the music themed wallpaper. Someday we’d like to redo the basement and have an area dedicated to music with our drum set, guitars, amps, and keyboard. This wallpaper would be perfect there! But, what is really cool about this paper is you can customize it to fit your decor with a 60 color palette.music wallpaperThe next wallpaper, called Tapestack, is for the children of the 80’s, or those that appreciate vintage charm.tapestack_room_mockup_web

I think it’d be fun to invite friends and family to leave their mark by offering them a sharpie and having them customize the mixed tapes, i.e. Sarah’s Super Summer Senior Year. yellow mixed tape with writing Record Shelf has great texture and a cool vibe! Detroit Wallpaper Co.’s products are eco-friendly and include recycled materials. They’re free of PVC, VOC, and vinyl. Plus, they’re Made in the USA.record_shelf_room_mockup_webrecord_shelf_sampleThere are lots of cool patterns and designs to choose from. In addition to the music styles I’ve shared, there are multiple collections, including one called Fabrics that has a tie-dye, paisley, plaid, and argyle pattern. My other personal favorite pays homage to the Motor City and it’s called Downtown Hub. It features hubcaps in a snake scale pattern!downtown_hub_room_mockup_webdowntown_hub_sample_1If you’re interested in wallpaper and know you can live with one of these great patterns for awhile (so you’re not peeling and scraping in a few years) check out Detroit Wallpaper Co. here.

Long Lake 1

Metro Detroit Lakefront

For those outside of Michigan, you may be surprised by some of the gorgeous suburbs in the Detroit area. Bloomfield is a prestigious suburb about 40 minutes north of Downtown Detroit. I found this lakefront mansion online and I fell in love with it! This home was built in 1980 and it’s 5,097 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 6 baths. It sold in September 2001 for $4.6 million and it’s listed today at $4.2 million.

Long Lake 2

While Michigan doesn’t have the greatest year-round weather, summer is gorgeous. I’d be willing to bet the view from this patio is nice in spring and fall too.

Long Lake 4

The outdoor spaces are spectacular in this home located on the north shore of Upper Long Lake, an all-sports lake.

Long Lake 5

The infinity pool is amazing! This would be my favorite spot when the weather’s hot.

Long Lake 3

The windows are absolutely stunning and I love the clean lines in the furniture.

Long Lake 6

There is so much natural light, and the views are endless. I like how the blue of the sky and the lake is predominant here. They kept the design simple and clean and it doesn’t deter from the real beauty through the windows.Long Lake 7     Long Lake 8

My favorite space in the home is this dining area. It almost has the feeling of a solarium. I would sit here while working on my laptop, drinking my coffee and taking in the view. The lighting fixture adds a sense of whimsy to the space.Long Lake 9

This is the lower level of the home.Long Lake 10

Remember how I said that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lake year-round? No worries, this home has an indoor basketball court! Since this home is not far from The Palace of Auburn Hills, I suspect this may be a ball players home.

Long Lake 12

To learn more about the listing visit Hall and Hunter here, or Zillow here.