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paltrow martin collage

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lautner Malibu Estate

Nothing says conscious uncoupling like unloading $14 million dollars on a John Lautner masterpiece just before announcing you’re calling it quits. Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin are separating after ten years of marriage. But, that hasn’t stopped them from scooping up this gorgeous Malibu pad.

paltrow outdoor space

I wouldn’t call my feelings for Paltrow love/hate, because I don’t feel that strongly about her. But, I definitely have a like/dislike thing going for her. On one hand I respect her talent, her grace, her conviction and dedication to mindful eating and exercise. But, she is so damned arrogant. I also can’t say I blame her, she’s got a lot going for her. But, it is annoying. I was bummed to hear that her and her rocker husband were calling it quits. But, she is far too pretentious to call it a separation. Instead it’s a conscious uncoupling. Oh boy.

So, since she will be all over the media this week, I thought what better time than to look at her latest purchase, a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3,650 square foot private gated estate in Malibu, called The Garwood Estate.

paltrow living room

The fact that their marriage was struggling didn’t sway this power duo from buying this home and one possible reason is that it’s rare that a John Lautner designed home hits the market. Scott Garner, House of the Day columnist for Curbed National said that it’s hard to imagine Los Angeles and Palm Springs without his influential designs.

“His iconic, forward-looking homes have set the standard for modern residential architecture, creating a style that’s instantly recognizable and distinctly Southern Californian.”

paltrow dining space paltrow kitchen 3

Take a closer look at this kitchen island. I’m hoping they have their buddies Jay-Z and Beyonce over and they break into the surfboard rap from Drunk in Love. Even better if B gets on the island to dance and sing!

paltrow kitchen 2

Take a look at the wall of windows above the kitchen cupboards. I absolutely love that. Even better is the view through the bedroom window!

paltrow bedroom 2

While the home is beautiful, the outdoor spaces are really spectacular. This outdoor staircase has a mystical feel to it.

paltrow outdoor stairs

paltrow outdoor space 4

paltrow outdoor space 3

To take a look at even more images of The Garwood Residence go here and see the listing here. And, since I’m a bit of a romantic, I hope they consciously recouple and live happily ever after here. The End.