Mountain Chateau of Olympians

Okay I’m using the term Olympians in the headline lightly here. Mad respect to the athletes with both natural ability and the dedication to train long hours. But, this cross country skiing couple’s story isn’t quite like that. They’ve been accused of buying their way into the Sochi Olympics. A wealthy middle-aged husband and wife allegedly bought citizenship to Dominica and created an Olympic team for the Caribbean Island. You can read more about it here.

But, also according to sources, they’re selling their amazing mountain chateau in Big Sky, Montana. With 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, and 12,368 square feet there is plenty of space to store their cross country skis. And, unlike citizenship in Dominica, which costs as much as a small outdated ranch in an outlying suburb, this massive mountain estate costs a cool $20 million! Let’s take a closer look, shall we?mountain_chateau_003 But, oh those views! According to the listing the Rocky Mountain ski home is “located directly on alpine and Nordic trails, providing unparalleled ski access in a secluded environment surrounded by pines.”


The log home used both Douglas fir and Cedar timbers. I love how open this massive kitchen is and how they worked the cabinetry around the windows.


The custom woodwork is gorgeous! I’d be curious to know how many fireplaces this home has. As I clicked through the images I noticed fireplaces in living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms.mountain_chateau_012

Here is a closer look at the curved staircase. I’ve never been a fan of a curved staircase. But, this one is so right.mountain_chateau_013

Not a fan of this stone heavy dining room. But, I do love dining near the fireplace after a long winter’s day.mountain_chateau_011

This is much more my scene. How comfortable does this bar area look? A perfect place to grab a quick cocktail.

Montana Chateau bar

Here is a close up of more of the custom woodwork in the home.Montana woodwork

And finally, if you’re buying a massive skiing chateau in Big Sky, it really is more about the outdoors. This may be the place to hide in this home. Hot tubbing Montana style.montana hot tub

And, there is this adorable outbuilding which looks like a guest home. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend time in the big house and then retreat to this private oasis? mountain_chateau_001

To see more images of the home go here or here.

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