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oprahs auction collage

Oprah’s Auction

Oprah Winfrey is auctioning lots of goodies from one of her massive homes! Her 23,000 square foot estate, that she has named “The Promised Land,” is located in Montecito, California and it is due for a major remodel. According to the L.A. Times, Oprah was motivated by designer Rose Tarlow who told her that her “this house has nothing to do with you.”

So, she has turned to Kaminski Auctions and on November 2nd they are auctioning 574 items including furniture, art, dolls, bikes, lighting, and so much more. I guess you could say she is getting rid of some things that are no longer her favorite things! I took a look at all the offerings and selected a few of my favorites.

This 19th Century English sea captain’s lap desk is estimated to sell for between $700- $1,200. You can see it here.

Oprah's Auction Captain's Lap DeskLooking for some library steps? Why not buy Oprah’s? The antique pine steps should go for between $1,000-$2,000. Take a look here.

Oprah's Auction Library Steps

This antique bench has a lift top seat for storage and would make a great addition to someone’s mudroom or foyer. Plus, you’d get to say that it’s from Oprah’s home! It should go for between $500-$800. Check it out here.

Oprah Winfrey's Auction English Bench

This antique steamer truck has so much character. They’re estimating it will go for between $300-$500. Check it out!

Oprah Auction Trunk

This French Art Deco Style bar is made from mahogany and cast aluminum and is valued at between $4,000-$6,000. See it closer here.

Oprah Auction French Bar

My husband has a small collection of antique radios, and I’d think it’s really cool if we had one of Oprah’s radios. I like the one on the left.

Oprah Auction Antique Radios

There is lots of interesting art, much of it signed and numbered. This one is called “Block Party” and it’s estimated to sell for between $300-$500.

Oprah's Auction Block Party Print

There is also lot of Oprah art. And by that I mean art and prints of the woman herself. Where else could you get an Oprah painting? See for yourself! It’s estimated that someone will pay between $250-$300 for this art!

Oprah Auctin PortraitI also found it interesting that there is a lot of workout equipment and machinery! Much of it is listed as property of Bob Greene, her trainer. I wonder if she has completely stopped working out? This dumbbell rack is fairly priced at $200-$400!

Oprah Auction Dumbell RackAnd finally, my favorite thing is the Japanese Tea House, this structure is approximately 14 feet x 14 feet and it could be yours! I want this is my backyard! It’s estimated at $10,000-$15,000. I have a feeling this will pull in a lot more cash. It’s super cool! Take a look!

Oprah Auction Japanese Tea House

Too see all the items with pictures click here. And happy shopping!

the detroit wallpaper co collage

The Detroit Wallpaper Co.

Ripping out wallpaper is a nasty job. When we moved in our Mid-Century rancher we thought we could tackle tearing out the wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms. We did begin the job. Before we knew it we were 20+ hours in, cursing with a steamer in one hand and a putty knife in the other. We hired it out. Earlier this year we had someone strip the wallpaper in our up-north vacation condo. Which is why I’m shocked that I’m beginning to appreciate wallpaper again. Somebody knock me on the head with a steamer. Quick.

I’ve been reading about The Detroit Wallpaper Co., a startup that prints custom wallpaper on demand. If you’re not from Detroit, you many not be aware of the creative and entrepreneurial thing going on here. But, there are lots of new, exciting things happening and this one in particular has great style!

Heather Gray Music WallpaperI especially like the music themed wallpaper. Someday we’d like to redo the basement and have an area dedicated to music with our drum set, guitars, amps, and keyboard. This wallpaper would be perfect there! But, what is really cool about this paper is you can customize it to fit your decor with a 60 color wallpaperThe next wallpaper, called Tapestack, is for the children of the 80’s, or those that appreciate vintage charm.tapestack_room_mockup_web

I think it’d be fun to invite friends and family to leave their mark by offering them a sharpie and having them customize the mixed tapes, i.e. Sarah’s Super Summer Senior Year. yellow mixed tape with writing Record Shelf has great texture and a cool vibe! Detroit Wallpaper Co.’s products are eco-friendly and include recycled materials. They’re free of PVC, VOC, and vinyl. Plus, they’re Made in the USA.record_shelf_room_mockup_webrecord_shelf_sampleThere are lots of cool patterns and designs to choose from. In addition to the music styles I’ve shared, there are multiple collections, including one called Fabrics that has a tie-dye, paisley, plaid, and argyle pattern. My other personal favorite pays homage to the Motor City and it’s called Downtown Hub. It features hubcaps in a snake scale pattern!downtown_hub_room_mockup_webdowntown_hub_sample_1If you’re interested in wallpaper and know you can live with one of these great patterns for awhile (so you’re not peeling and scraping in a few years) check out Detroit Wallpaper Co. here.

my family room collage

Mid-Century Modern Record Console

I’m having so much fun posting about multi-million dollar homes that I’ve been neglecting sharing images of my humble abode! So, it’s time to go inside my family room. My 1962 ranch home has two separate living areas. The living room is right off the main entrance and the family room is at the far end of the house and offers a little more privacy. When we first moved in, this room was a great place for the kids to play and watch television. But, a few years ago we found a gorgeous piano at an estate sale and the whole room changed with it. piano corner twoAfter much debate we decided the television must go. This room still sees plenty of electronic use in the form of laptops and iPads. But, without the TV, it’s a great place to relax, read, and play music. Once the piano took over the corner we had to find a use for the media cabinet. Knowing how much we paid for the cabinet about 10-12 years before, I had a hard time walking away from this quality piece of furniture. So, hardcover books went on the shelves and we turned the television area into a liquor cabinet beforeBut, I felt like it was cluttered and heavy in the space across from the piano. Here is another image right after we emptied it and decided it had to go!family room before

I was on the lookout for a Mid-Century modern record console. I felt like the size and scale would work better there. But the ones that I found were ugly, ornate and in bad condition. While they were Mid-Century, they definitely weren’t modern! I was periodically checking the site for finds. Then I found it!

estate sale find 1

About ten miles from my home was a Clairtone record console in pristine condition. I’d never heard of the brand and I didn’t even know if it worked. But, at $250 it was far cheaper than the sideboards or consoles I’d been eyeing from Crate and Barrel or Room and Board. It was mine!

inside record consoleI especially love the woven wood detail that houses the speakers. I felt like this piece of furniture looks like something that would be designed today. The AM/FM radio and speakers work well. But, we have to replace the turntable.

woven wood v2

Now that there was going to be so much wall space, I had an opportunity to frame some art and family pictures. I bought some frames from Pottery Barn and laid them out on the floor to see how they’d look. Once I was happy with the arrangement it was time to put them on the wall.

frames on floor photo collage wallHere is the after with all the photo frames filled and the record console in place. Family room after

close up record consoleHere is another angle that shows it next to our big, old couch from La-Z-Boy. We talk about replacing that. But, it’s so darn comfortable! Soon it will find it’s way to the basement and will be replaced with something a little smaller. family room couch Across from that couch is a newer daybed from Crate and Barrel. Below are two pictures, one with the shades closed and one with them open. You’ll see the daybed is actually the world’s largest dog bed.daybed and piano

dog on daybedThe last picture shows the other end of the room with the wood burning fieldstone fireplace. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section!family room fireplace

richard branson collage 2

Richard Branson’s Private Island

Sir Richard Branson is super rich. Like so rich that he has his own 74-acre island named Necker Island. The main home, called the Great House, burned down two-years ago. You may remember that actress Kate Winslet saved Branson’s mother from the fire! Well he had it rebuilt and he’s back in business.Necker Island overheadThe exciting news is that us regular folks can stay there. Turns out the main house rents for $60,000 a day. Oh, never mind. But, we can dream can’t we?Great-House-Sea-View-82The island accommodates up to 30 guests. The great house has a huge master suite and a bunk room that sleeps six children. Other guests can stay in the six Bali houses that each have one bedroom and an en suite bathroom.Great-House-Main-Room-29_001Every view is amazing on Necker Island. This is called the Breakfast Room and it would be a perfect place to start your day! Great-House-Breakfast-15_001 Only a few times a year couples can rent a room instead of the whole island. During Celebration Weeks in September and October, you can rent just one room for a week. For $26,000 a week, a couple gets an all inclusive experience on Necker Island! Still way out of my budget. Darn it. Necker 10The bedrooms boast a traditional British Virgin Island vibe. Dark heavy wood paired with white linens looks cool and comfortable.Necker 3


neckerisland-gallery-beach_pavillion-largeOne thing that looks to be consistent on Necker Island is there are lots of places to lounge. This image is my favorite! It is absolutely gorgeous.1000x420Necker_beachside_1To see even more images of this island retreat go here.

Nashville collage

Nashville Television Show Home

Hayden Panettiere’s character Juliette Barnes on ABC’s Nashville is sassy, complicated and driven. A singer who clawed her way from the trailer park to this gorgeous estate. This home is just as dramatic as the girl who lives there (on television). And it’s for sale!!

nashville television show home 1The Nashville home was used for filming several episodes in the first season. The show just began it’s second season last month. If you watch the first season you can see Hayden’s character throw several fits, and seduce a few men in this contemporary estate.nashville television show home 2The 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom estate has 5,325 square feet and it just hit the market for $2.1 million dollars. nashville television show home 3I love the floor to ceiling windows. The modern home was designed by Kanner Architects in 2009. nashville television show home 5This has to be one of the more interesting aspects of this estate. The window juts out of the home and offers amazing views.nashville window 4This is an area of the home I don’t remember from the show. I wonder if those are all functional drawers and cabinets?nashville television show home 6Another amazing view from the bathroom!nashville television show home 7

nashville television show home 4

nashville television show home 9To see more images of the home visit the listing here and see an article with images from the show here.