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Anybody else been watching Love it or List it on HGTV? Hosted by designer Hilary Farr and realtor David Visentin, each week they meet with homeowners who’ve had it with their home. Hilary renovates to try to get them to love it, while David shows them other homes, in hopes of getting them to list it. I do like this show. But, I get tired of the EXACT SAME formula they follow with each episode. I used to work in television (albeit local), I understand sticking with a formula that works. But, it just starts to feel so tired. 

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The supposed tension between the hosts feels slightly contrived. He tells her she’s in over her head. She tells him they won’t want to leave their home once they see her renovation. Then he takes the homeowners to see homes that don’t fit their needs. Either they’re just outside of the area they want, or they also need renovations, it’s too expensive, too small, you name it.

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In the meantime, Hilary over promises what she can accomplish with the budget she is presented with. Then, every time, something goes wrong with the renovations. This may be the most realistic part of the show! Inevitably the homeowners are always angry with Hilary.
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After a few failed showings, David shows them a home that is nearly perfect for them. Hilary then gets a chance to reveal the renovations and they’re thrilled. The homeowner’s reactions are typical with all the home renovation shows–“I can’t believe this is our house.”love it 2

Then the debate begins. One of the partners always wants to stay, and one always wants to go. That part may also be realistic. But, after careful consideration they always end up in agreement.

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Finally, it comes time to reveal their decision. Hilary: “Are you going to love it?” David: “Or are you going to list it?” I’m usually rooting for them to love it and I find they often do stay. I just wish they’d shake it up a bit! Maybe Hilary and David could be in agreement just one time. Maybe they both think the homeowners are wishy washy. Or, they could both say what they’re really thinking, like if they purged some junk the home would be a perfect fit for them! I know Hilary has it in her, she reveals that in this interview.
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Hilary is a big time designer in Canada, check our her site here. You can find David on Twitter. To learn more about the show go here.

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