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London Apartment with Rock History

An artists haven, then a recording studio, this London apartment has some true creative credentials. london exteriorThe Sex Pistols, Rod Stewart, and Art Garfunkel have recorded here, since it served as a recording studio for over 50 years. Now, it’s a refurbished apartment on sale for $16.2 million! According to the owner, “The building was originally two Edwardian houses. They were knocked down to build these palatial studios for six struggling artists.” A huge window, parquet hardwood floors, and a fireplace. Beautiful!london 2The super modern kitchen is a little stark for me. Check out the painting on the right hand side, there are similar pieces in the dining room. Yet, I can’t tell for certain that the dining room is visible from here. Let me know what you think, do they have this similar art throughout the house?london kitchenI love the craftsman style table mixed with more modern details. At first when I looked at this I thought it was one piece of art, reflected in a mirror. But, it looks like they have two complementing pieces of art here. Very interesting!london dining roomThis is an amazing screening room! I like how the furnishings are nice, yet still look very 4I love, love, love this home gym! Does it also have a skylight? Amazing!london gymThe homeowners need to be prepared to wake with the sun, with a gorgeous skylight in the sunken bedroom. There are four bedrooms in this home, each with its own 3 I would love a huge skylight like this in most every room of my house! london 6

It also makes for a beautiful piece of art on this home’s 5To see more images and learn more visit the Wall Street Journal or visit the listing here.

sb 3

Happy Mundane

I stumbled onto this gorgeousness when West Elm featured Jonathan Lo’s renovated Project SB on their Dream House of the Day. Lo’s blog Happy Mundane, has a plethora of great design. But, you must see his condo in Solana Beach, California!sb 2

Solana Beach is located outside of San Diego, California. Lo goes into great detail on his blog about his 2 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath condo. I’m a fan of his style and the way he accessorizes a room. I would love to duplicate an art collage like this! I also really like the blue velvet slipper chair.SB 1

I also love the Eames Lounge Chair—-he has carved out a chilling corner in the dining area! To read more about this midcentury modern classic go 4

Being near the ocean, he went with a modern beach theme. I love the use of the many different shades of 5The whale is too much fun!

sb 8 He made his own wood headboard and his inspiration was Hilary Swank’s in Elle Decor! The blog post can be found 7 sb 6

To read more and see even more images visit Lo’s blog here.
narrow 9

New York’s Narrowest

The Millay House, in Manhattan’s West Village, was built around 1850 in a 9.5 foot wide former passage for horse-drawn carriages. This super narrow home is under contract for $3.495 million!

narrow 1

Former residents of this townhouse include anthropologist Margaret Mead, poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, and actors Cary Grant and John Barrymore. This home has such a rich history that the New York Times ran a profile on it in 1996. It’s obviously narrow, but it still feels light and airy. The listing says “flooring throughout is reclaimed rift and quarter-sawn antique oak.” narrow 5

I would love to see this space with furnishings, it’d look even smaller. I see a few chairs flanking the fireplace. Interesting that they left their Marilyn Monroe art behind.narrow 3  The kitchen would probably get a little cramped. But, it seems like many kitchens in Manhattan are small spaces, this one doesn’t seem much different. And, this kitchen opens up into an outdoor space.narrow 4

The floor plan gives a better indication of just how narrow this home is!

narrow 2

This home was recently renovated and the master bath was finished with top of the line materials including “Italian marble and English Lefroy Brooks fixtures.”narrow 10

The outdoor garden space is beautiful in this home. I love a touch of the outdoors in an urban environment!
narrow 7

To visit the listing go here. To read more about this home visit Curbed.

love it logo

Love it or List it

Anybody else been watching Love it or List it on HGTV? Hosted by designer Hilary Farr and realtor David Visentin, each week they meet with homeowners who’ve had it with their home. Hilary renovates to try to get them to love it, while David shows them other homes, in hopes of getting them to list it. I do like this show. But, I get tired of the EXACT SAME formula they follow with each episode. I used to work in television (albeit local), I understand sticking with a formula that works. But, it just starts to feel so tired. 

love it or list 3

The supposed tension between the hosts feels slightly contrived. He tells her she’s in over her head. She tells him they won’t want to leave their home once they see her renovation. Then he takes the homeowners to see homes that don’t fit their needs. Either they’re just outside of the area they want, or they also need renovations, it’s too expensive, too small, you name it.

love it or list 1

In the meantime, Hilary over promises what she can accomplish with the budget she is presented with. Then, every time, something goes wrong with the renovations. This may be the most realistic part of the show! Inevitably the homeowners are always angry with Hilary.
love it 3

After a few failed showings, David shows them a home that is nearly perfect for them. Hilary then gets a chance to reveal the renovations and they’re thrilled. The homeowner’s reactions are typical with all the home renovation shows–“I can’t believe this is our house.”love it 2

Then the debate begins. One of the partners always wants to stay, and one always wants to go. That part may also be realistic. But, after careful consideration they always end up in agreement.

love it 4

Finally, it comes time to reveal their decision. Hilary: “Are you going to love it?” David: “Or are you going to list it?” I’m usually rooting for them to love it and I find they often do stay. I just wish they’d shake it up a bit! Maybe Hilary and David could be in agreement just one time. Maybe they both think the homeowners are wishy washy. Or, they could both say what they’re really thinking, like if they purged some junk the home would be a perfect fit for them! I know Hilary has it in her, she reveals that in this interview.
love it 5

Hilary is a big time designer in Canada, check our her site here. You can find David on Twitter. To learn more about the show go here.

kate walsh collage

Kate Walsh Los Feliz Sold

The L.A. Times is reporting Kate Walsh sold her Los Feliz home for $4.7 million. It took nearly three years of being on the market, and off the market, before it sold. The Spanish architecture looked familiar, and then I read it’s right across the street from Michael C. Hall’s new home.

walsh 1

It was built in 1928 and is 5,940 square feet with four bedrooms. The foyer is dramatic, with multiple second floor areas open to the space below. I like the more modern chandelier mixed with the traditional Spanish details.

walsh 7

The living room also has an old-world charm. I’m a big fan of the matching conversation couches that flank the fireplace. There must be some musicians in the family, because in three rooms I noticed instruments on display!

walsh 3

It looks like the kitchen is tucked into the back of the home. I do like how it opens into a sitting area set with modern furniture. The image that follows shows the same area from the view of the kitchen.walsh 4

walsh 5

The dining room in this home is a great space for formal entertaining. I wish I had room for a giant square table, the best set up for conversation! Twelve can dine comfortably in this space. I think the circular detail on the ceiling is interesting, it complements the shape on the doorway and window. walsh 2

Talk about entertaining. This room has a wet bar, and doors that open up to give this room and inside/outside feeling. The matching chandeliers add some texture, and fun to this room!walsh 14The master bedroom is decorated in soothing neutral tones. It has a formal, yet very comfortable feeling.walsh 8

This bedroom has more of a midcentury modern feel. I like the eclectic items grouped together.walsh 11

The three-car garage was converted and includes two offices, and Pilates studio!

walsh 6 walsh 13

To see many more images of this home, visit Zillow.

central park west 1

Central Park West

This Central Park West duplex on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is so perfect that it looks like a catalog spread for Pottery Barn! The home has views to the west, north and south from every room. Beautiful! The living room has a wood-burning fireplace and beautiful built-in shelves. I love the zig-zag pattern of the hardwood floors. Apartment Therapy has an interesting post about the history of parquet floors and the difference between chevron and herringbone. These look to be a chevron pattern to me.central park west 2

I take it back about looking like a catalog. This home looks more like a movie set! This amazing terrace is 11′ x 19′  with French doors that open from the living room, and there is additional access from one of the bedrooms.central park west 3 central park west 4 central park west 5

I love the detail of this wood staircase. The building is pre-war and this definitely has a craftsman feel to it.central park west 6

The kitchen has an eat-in area and custom cabinetry.central park west 9This duplex has 5 bedrooms and 4 and a half bathrooms.central park west 7

The asking price? $7.995 million. If I only had $8 million to spare! To see the listing, including a floor plan, go here.

armonk 1

Armonk Usonian

So just what is a Usonian home? And where in the heck is Armonk? Armonk is a hamlet of North Castle in Westchester County, New York. What that means is you could live here and commute to Manhattan.

armonk 11

Usonia is a word that was used by Frank Lloyd Wright that referred to his vision for architecture and planning of cities. Usonian homes typically have a strong visual connection between the exterior and the interior. This home was designed by David Henken, an apprentice to Wright.
armonk 10

The listing calls this home “SUPERNATURAL MODERN” and I have to agree with that! It also says, “Welcome to an expansive, hidden, two acre, meticulous property with water views complimented by a modernistic study in angles & light. David Henken designed this home embracing the union of landscape & architecture.” I read an interesting blog about David Henken here.

armonk 3


armonk 9

Gorgeous wooded and water views from the windows. armonk 5

armonk 6

Inside, it’s 3,715 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.

armonk 4  armonk 8 armonk 7

To see even more images visit the listing here.

Converted barn 1

New Jersey Converted Barn

Close the door, did you grow up in a barn? I’ve said it already a few times to my kids this summer. I would love to purchase this converted barn and change their reply to yes! Yes, I did grow up in a barn. This barn began its life in Pennsylvania farm country and was moved to the hunt country of Somerset County in New Jersey. It sits on 6.6 acres and is listed for $2.49 million.converted barn 3

They’ve retained the bones of the structure which makes for a great open room with exposed beams.converted barn 4

This image shows the loft area above the great room.converted barn 9

As expected, many of the rooms have a country charm.converted barn 6

Some of the rooms have a more finished design, and have just a few cues that you’re living in a barn. I love this office area. This is most definitely my favorite room in this house! I would get a more comfortable chair, and kick my feet up on the built-in bench when I write.converted barn 7

This family room is also beautiful. I’ve been coveting some built-ins like this myself. This room doesn’t look very big, but it’s super cozy. converted barn 8

I like how the bedrooms are also finished. I don’t think I’d be a fan of sleeping in a bedroom that looked like a barn. Another great built-in bookcase!converted barn 12 converted barn 10

To view more of this home visit the listing.

foster collage

Jodie Foster’s Sunset Strip

Actress Jodie Foster is selling her home on Flicker Way in the Sunset Strip section of L.A. This area is highly coveted because it has a Bird Street address. The 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom home has 6,060 square feet and is listed for $6.39 million. And, this Spanish Villa is simply gorgeous!

hanks 12

The home is decorated in much the same way that I’d describe Jodie Foster. It’s elegant, tasteful, understated, and a mix of traditional and modern. I love the French doors and the grand piano in this living room.

hanks 6

This is the same room from the other view. I also love the wood floors and ceilings with white walls.hanks 3

A nice white kitchen with a bit of a cottage feel. But, I do think it’s sort of small for a home of this size.

hanks 7

I like the built-in shelves and cabinets in this dining room. The chandelier over the table works well because it’s large, yet feels airy and doesn’t visually obstruct the view.

hanks 11

Can you imagine Jodie sitting behind this desk writing her Golden Globes speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award?

hanks 9

This bedroom is really sweet. I like how the upholstered headboard fits between the windows. Too often I’m noticing headboards partially covering a window. A real pet peeve of mine!

hanks 4 hanks 2

There seem to be a lot of fireplaces in this home. This bedroom has one and I count four in just these images! This master bedroom has a large sitting room just a few steps up.

hanks 10

Now this is a screening room! I wonder if the screen comes down and covers these beautiful windows? With these padded walls you could really crank up the sound!

hanks 8

The outdoor spaces in this home are charming. This brick patio and the pool are both part of a central courtyard. The listing says, “this sheltered retreat is shielded by a high-reaching hedge for utmost discretion.”

hanks 1

hanks 5

To see the listing visit its website or Zillow. The floor plans are available here.

linden 4

Linden Hill

This magnificent home was formally owned by Jack Dorrance, whose family invented Campbell’s Soup. And we’re going to take a look, “soup to nuts.” It’s ideally located in Gladwyne on Philadelphia’s Main Line and it’s about 20 minutes from Center City. Linden Hill was designed and built in 1929 and is “an entire village of complimentary buildings resembling a miniature Normandy complete with manor house and village buildings.” The listing price is $24.5 million.

linden 2

The close up shot doesn’t look like much more than a large colonial. But, the further out you get, you see how massive this property is.

linden 5

Wait until you see this! Anyone else a fan of fresh chicken eggs? I would absolutely love this, and it’s such a gorgeous design for a chicken coop!

linden 1

The centerpiece of the estate is the French Norman manor house. There is a central entrance hall, living room and dining room. Then there are two wings with the kitchen, family living spaces, bedrooms and staff quarters.

linden 6

linden 10

There are so many exquisite details in this home. These walls are hand carved English paneling.

linden 8

linden 7

They aren’t afraid of some color. I love the built-in bookshelves in this room.

linden 12

The home has 7 family bedrooms, 2-3 staff bedrooms, 8 full and 3 half baths.

linden 11 linden 15 linden 14

The lisiting says that “every room has spectacular views and most have French doors that open into the surrounding gardens.” I’m a fan of the doors in this room. But, I’m not a fan of the wall color and rug!

linden 13

Interesting paint treatment on the ceiling of this nursery. What’s even more unique is that it continues past the crown moulding and into the wall.

linden 16

To learn even more about this massive Philly estate click here.